Preview: Days of Ire

Relive the fight of 1956 in this revolutionary 1-4 player game!

I remember years ago explaining to a fellow gamer that I really didn't think a game based on the American Civil War would be a big seller in Hungary. They don't know, or care about our history.  But, the opposite is NOT true.  Games about european history sell very well here in the US.  It's just one of those odd things.  Maybe its our strong connections with Europe, maybe its the hereditary connections.  Whatever it is, those games do well here.

But they still have to be good games, and this one is.

Focused game play that was displayed on the world stage.  It takes a keen eye and skills of a great game design to bring the player from a birds eye view of world events, down to the level that this game takes us. We're there,and we're very happy that we made the trip.

The board is not like any board you have seen before, and that's OK because we're playing on a world stage like never before. I could go on and on about the bits, the cards, the board, the sense of being right there that this game creates.  But you can get a sense of all of that from just the well made video for this campaign.

Maybe it's a little lonely here, but we love solo games.  And this game has that as an option. Games that are co-op are also appreciated, and this game has that option.  We like each other here, but sometimes we just love to kick some butt, and this game has that option.  It has all the options.

My question is, why have you not clicked the link to back this game yet?

But I digress...

The game has a huge number of items, and all of them have art that fits the theme of the game.  You get a sense that the history behind the theme was as important to the designers as the art, and it shows.  We in the west see this era as hard edges, and cutting lines across borders, and again, the art reflects the time it wants to represent.

I think they're a bit lit on the stretch goals, but thats forgivable given that they are representing a bit of history.  There are some wrinkles, like alternate starting events, as a stretch goal, that could add some different flavor to the game.  This adds to the replay value, as well s increased depth.

We like that.

Another thing we like is downloadable rules. If you're still not convinced to back this game, um ok, then reading the rules should put you over the edge, or over the top... over something, whatever it is that's stopping you.

When this game is delivered, I am positive that I will be asked where "someone" can get a copy. THAT'S how good the game feels at this point in development.

Do yourself a favor and click the link and relive the 7 days of ire...

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